Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff

Sharon Caris

Executive Director, Sharon Caris (Full-time)
Sharon was appointed in March 2001. She has a background in social work, health administration and advocacy over 29 years. Sharon leads the staff team and works with Council and other stakeholders to implement the HFA objectives.

Carol Joy

Administration Officer, Carol Joy (Part-time)
Carol commenced with HFA in April 2013 and has several years’ experience in working closely with not for profit organisations through her prior employment with a business consultancy company. Her duties with HFA include managing the office, providing assistance to HFA support staff, distributing community education and information material and liaising with special interest health professionals groups.

Suzanne OCallaghan

Policy Research and Education Manager, Suzanne O’Callaghan (Full-time)
Suzanne was appointed in October 2006. Her role is to help HFA develop policy and education resources for the bleeding disorders community. Suzanne has a background in consumer health information and education, and previously worked for many years in the blood borne virus sector.

Natashia Coco

Director of Development , Natashia Coco (Part-time)
Natashia joined the HFA team in August 2003 and looks after fundraising, relationship building, community awareness and special events. She has been in the not for profit organisations for over 16 years.

Kristine Robertson

Fundraising Manager, Kristine Robertson (Part-time)
Kristine joined the team at Haemophilia Foundation Australia in March 2012, taking up the role of Fundraising Manager. Kristine’s job entails working on HFA’s fundraising activities, particularly direct mail campaigns. Kristine has a strong background in not-for-profit fundraising and development, having worked at a range of community organisations over the past 15 years.

Hannah Opeskin

Health Promotion Officer, Hannah Opeskin (Part-time)
Hannah Opeskin joined the HFA team in early 2014. Her role is to develop best practice health promotion resources, both online and in print, and communication strategies.
She has a background in health promotion, previously working in rural health in New South Wales.

Accountant, Kevin Lai (Part-time, 1 day per week)
Kevin has worked with HFA as a part-time accountant since 1995. His role is to prepare financial accounts and assist with financial management processes.

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