Safety & Supply


A safe and secure supply of treatment products for the bleeding disorders community is essential. HFA policy supports access to a range of treatment products for haemophilia, von Willebrand disorder and other rare inherited bleeding disorders where one or more products are available, to ensure patients and their treating clinicians have options and choices to meet specific treatment needs.

To obtain information about specific treatment products contact your haemophilia specialist, Haemophilia Treatment Centre or if you require further information about the treatment product you have been prescribed, see the consumer medicine information supplied with your product or contact the product manufacturer or sponsor.

Treatment products in the pipeline
Prophylaxis within the comprehensive care model is the standard of care in Australia. Patient and clinician priorities are for treatment regimens that prevent and/or reduce bleeding episodes and preserve joints.

There are more treatment products for bleeding disorders in various stages of development globally than ever before. Some people have had experience of new products through clinical trials, including extended half life clotting factors which require less frequent and fewer infusions to achieve the same clotting result as regular clotting factors. These new products have led to international and local discussion about how prophylaxis treatment should be given, what doses should be given, how often and what % clotting factor levels should be aimed for in a person’s blood. Many agree there is potential for better treatment outcomes and better adherence to treatment. A prophylaxis protocol can be tailored to the individual based on his/her bleeding patterns and clotting factor levels as well as taking into account factors such as age, joint health, and physical activity.

HFA is currently reviewing its treatment product policy and will publish this when it is completed.

Last Updated: 12th Apr 16