Telling others

Telling others

Telling others you have hepatitis C can be challenging if you have a bleeding disorder as well.

These fact sheets look at the issues and give some tips on how to approach disclosure in different situations. They include comments and suggestions from people with bleeding disorders and hepatitis C.

My choice to tell - at work - HFA, May 2009 (html/web version)
Advice on workplace issues including when you need to tell people, work safety and privacy.
Tips on ways to tell people.
disclosure at work fact sheet
PDF Download PDF/print version - 298KB

My choice to tell - family, friends, new partners - HFA, May 2009 (html/web version)
Discussion about the questions that come up when disclosing to family, friends and new partners: what might their reaction be, tips on how to prepare to tell them, conversation starters, telling new partners or children.
disclosure to family, friends, partners fact sheet
pdf Download PDF/print version - 232KB

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