World Hepatitis Day 2011

World Hepatitis Day 2011

Join us in the global celebration of World Hepatitis Day on 28 July 2011. World Hepatitis Day is an opportunity for interested people around the world to raise awareness about viral hepatitis and good liver health, reduce stigma and encourage access to testing and treatment.

What’s on in Australia:

Find out more about hepatitis C and why it matters to people with bleeding disorders
• Learn about good liver health and how to reduce stigma related to viral hepatitis –
• Consider hosting a Love Your Liver Lunch
• Learn more about how the liver works in the Love Your Liver national community webinar on 26 July 2011
• Check with your state or territory hepatitis council for local events and lunches –

For more information about the national Love Your Liver Lunch campaign, go to the web site -

Last Updated: 28th Jun 11