World Hepatitis Day 2012

World Hepatitis Day 2012

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated globally on 28 July 2012.Love your liver

Join HFA in making a difference on World Hepatitis Day.

Be committed to reducing hepatitis C stigma and discrimination and improving liver health in Australia. Be involved in 2012!

Spread the word

The Australian theme in 2012 is “Love Your Liver on World Hepatitis Day

  • Raise awareness in your community about the importance of good liver health
  • Find good tips on improving liver health and share them
  • This is valuable info for everyone – if you have hepatitis B or C, or not.

Resources and merchandise are available from local Hepatitis Councils:

  • World Hepatitis Day Posters
  • Love your Liver pens, temporary tattoos, badges, stickers
  • State-based resources, such as posters and postcards

What can you do to be involved?

Last Updated: 6th Jul 12