Hep C Resources

Hep C Resources

Selected resources including high quality and relevant information for Australians with bleeding disorders affected by hepatitis C:

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Hepatitis C and Bleeding Disorders

Read about the experiences and personal stories of people with bleeding disorders and hepatitis C in Australia:

Hepatitis C

  • Hepatitis C (html)– general information about hepatitis C for adult Australians (Hepatitis Australia)
  • What is hep C? [PDF, 1MB] - FAQ on hepatitis C for young people (Hepatitis C Council of NSW, 2009)
  • Hepatitis C: a brief introduction [PDF, 500KB] - an introduction to hepatitis C for people with hepatitis C (Hepatitis C Council of NSW, 2009)
  • What you need to know: a guide to hepatitis C [PDF, 4MB] - a comprehensive guide for people affected by hepatitis C (Hepatitis C Council of NSW, 2009)
  • What is hepatitis C? (html)– more detailed information on hepatitis C in Australia, symptoms, transmission, testing, treatments and living well (Hepatitis C Victoria)

Hepatitis C magazines/cartoons

  • Transmission - a cartoon-style magazine with stories and information about hepatitis (Hepatitis NSW)

Hepatitis C/HIV co-infection

  • HIV & hepatitis A, B & C - fact sheet for people who are co-infected with HIV and hepatitis A, B or C with brief information on about how co-infection works in the body, treatment and transmission (National Association of People Living With HIV/AIDS, Australia, 2010)
  • Hepatitis C & HIV coinfection [PDF, 190KB] – a factsheet on HIV and hepatitis C co-infection with answers to frequently asked questions, including taking care of your liver health and treatment options (Hepatitis C Council of NSW, 2010)
  • Treataware - a searchable web site on Australian clinical trials of HIV treatments, including treatment for co-infection (National Association of People Living With HIV/AIDS, Australia; AIDS Treatment Project Australia)

Living with hepatitis C

  • Living with hepatitis C – introductory information on living well, including telling others, maintaining your health, preventing transmission and women’s issues (Hepatitis Australia)
  • Hepatitis C: guide to healthy living - managing your diet and using complementary and alternative therapies (Hepatitis Australia, 2010)
  • Living with Cirrhosis [Large file - PDF, 8.112MB] - for people who have hepatitis C-related cirrhosis with information about managing your health and preventing further liver disease (Hepatitis Australia, 2013)
  • Hepatitis C and food [PDF, 980KB] - an introduction to healthy eating and hepatitis C (Hepatitis C Council of NSW, 2003)
  • HCV Advocate (html) – an informative hepatitis C web site based in San Francisco. Includes the latest on treatments and living well with regular updates in its monthly newsletter.

Internet discussion groups

  • Hep C Australasia (html) - an Australian and New Zealand online peer support forum for people affected by hepatitis C, their family and their friends.

Telling others

Hep C tests

See the ASHM web site for medical information about hepatitis C tests.


Personal stories

  • Treatment, life, hep C and me [PDF, 1.5MB] - 12 people who have had conventional hepatitis C therapy tell the story of their experience (Hepatitis Australia, 2009)

See the ASHM web site for medical information about hepatitis C treatment



Australian Hepatitis Organisations

National and state/territory hepatitis organisations provide support and high quality information on hepatitis C :

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