HAW & RCD Proceeds

HAW & RCD Proceeds

Thank you to everyone that participated during Haemophilia Awareness Week and Red Cake Day. The week was an overwhelming success and once the final donation tally comes through we will let you know. Please be sure to let me know the success of your event and pictures would be great. Email photos to ncoco@haemophilia.org.au.

To donate proceeds from your event to HFA, you can do it in a few different ways:

1. Download a donation return form below and send with a cheque, money order or credit card

2. Donate with a credit card online at https://www.haemophilia.org.au/donation and please ensure to comment in the note section about your event

3. Direct deposit into HFA bank account. Please email hfaust@haemophilia.org.au for the details

Last Updated: 16th Oct 12