Golf Balls

For golfers seeking modern solid care technology with ultimate soft impact feel, yet long driver and iron distance being created with an incredibly high restitution cover and standard size poly-butadiene core that provides a soft feel for approach shots yet still provides spectacular distance. An excellent selection for golfers requiring game improvement golf ball performance.
• U.S.A. Technology
• DuPont Surlyn durable cover
• 2 piece High Velocity Construction
• UV Coating from U.S.A.
• High quality ink imported from Germany
• 432 Dimples
Certified by R & A and USGA (The Royal And Ancient Golf Club Of St. Andrews, Scotland and The United States Golf Association). The balls can be used in Major Event

$36 per dozen
$9 per packet (3)
Plus postage (postage price will be given on order or please visit Australia Post Postage Calculator

To order Golf Balls please call us on 1800 807 173 or email

Last Updated: 2nd Apr 09