HFA youth web site workshop

The HFA Youth Working Group (YWG) has been working hard to introduce creative ways for young people with bleeding disorders to be involved with their community and connect with each other. The YWG has been formed as part of the HFA youth project to drive the development of a web-based communication tool and contribute to a youth strategy going into the future. 

Youth Workshop
Some members of the HFA Youth Working Group (YWG) met in Melbourne for a weekend workshop in February 2012. Their job was to contribute ideas on hoYouth Working Group at workshopw young people with bleeding disorders can communicate with each other and give feedback on what the web site should include and look like.

Ideas for the web site
During the weekend the young people brainstormed what should be covered in the web site and what sections it should include. They created mock-ups of web pages and their own artwork for the web site. They were required to think through how to manage tricky issues like talking about sensitive issues and moderation and asked to come up with strategies to reach other young people with bleeding disorders and take the project into the future.

legs Keep out sign
YWG photos from the weekend workshop


Web site design
Zaac and Matt from Twenty4, the design group developing the web site, held a session to refine the group’s ideas for the web site and looked at what young people consider to make a web site attractive. It was a really interesting way of seeing what was important and helped clarify the group’s priorities.

The YWG were a great team to work with who came up with some very innovative ideas. We’re looking forward to the next step, which is to develop a beta version of the web site for community testing.

If you are between the ages of 13-30 and interested in being a part of the YWG, it’s not too late. Contact Kate on 03 9885 7800 or kwalton@haemophilia.org.au

More information about the HFA Youth Project and Youth Working Group