Factored In launch

We're excited to announce that Factored In, the new HFA web site for young people, was launched on Tuesday 26 June.

To visit the web site, go to factoredin.org.au.

Factored In is for young Australians aged 13 – 30 who have a bleeding disorder, carry the gene or are a sibling. It is where they can talk about life, being young and having a bleeding disorder.

On the web site young people can:

  • Find information for young people about living with bleeding disorders
  • Read personal stories
  • Q &A - ask questions that experts will answer and read answers to other people's questions
  • Join to make comments or upload stories, photos and videos.
Factored in home page

"Factored in is going to be a fantastic resource," said Kate Walton, HFA Youth Project Officer, “and we invite you all to jump on the site and have a look around."

The web site is the result of an HFA project where young people affected by a bleeding disorder worked with the HFA Youth Project Officer to design the concept for the site and contributed stories and photos to it.

factored in your stuff

"Thousands of young people in Australia have bleeding disorders or are close to someone who does," said Kate. "The website has been created as a learning tool for young people to gain knowledge from each other’s experiences. The website is designed to be a constant work in progress. The more young people who join up to the site and share their stories, comments and questions, the more effective it will be."