Hepatitis C



Hepatitis C: information for people with bleeding disorders, No. 1 - Feb 2007
Information on tests, treatments, looking after your health, transmission, telling people about hepatitis C and financial issues.

Hep C information sheet
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Hepatitis C: information for people with bleeding disorders (summary) - Feb 2007
A short summary of the hepatitis C information sheet.

Hep C information summary

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Hepatitis C Treatment Snapshot - May 2008
An update on hepatitis C treatment and the treatment experiences of people with bleeding disorders.

Hep C treatment snapshot

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Understanding your hepatitis C test results - May 2008
Brief information about hepatitis C tests for people with bleeding disorders.
Understanding your test results

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My choice to tell - at work - May 2009
Advice on workplace issues including when you need to tell people, work safety and privacy. Tips on ways to tell people.

my choice to tell work

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My choice to tell - family, friends, new partners - May 2009
Discussion about the questions that come up when disclosing to family, friends and new partners: what might their reaction be, tips on how to prepare to tell them, conversation starters, telling new partners or children.
my choice to tell family

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Hep C - my story - May 2010
Personal stories about the experience of living with a bleeding disorder and hepatitis C.

Hep C my story

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“A double whammy”: living with a bleeding disorder and hepatitis C - Oct 2007
HFA hepatitis C needs assessment report: includes personal stories and recommendations for HFA national hepatitis C strategy
A double whammy report

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Summary of “A Double Whammy” Report - revised - Jan 2008
8-page summary of the "Double Whammy" Report.
summary of double whammy report

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Getting it right - Hepatitis C needs assessment evaluation and implementation report - Jan 2009
Includes personal stories and feedback on HFA's work on its national hepatitis C strategy.

Getting it right report
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