Family Planning

How do I plan a family with haemophilia?

For people with haemophilia or women who carry the gene, planning a family can raise a number of questions:

  • Will their children have haemophilia or carry the gene?
  • If so, how will this affect them?
  • How can they find out?
  • What are the options for planning a family?
  • How can a mother who carries the gene plan for a safe pregnancy and delivery?
  • Who will help with all of this?

Haemophilia Centres can help with questions about having children. It may be helpful to review the information about how haemophilia is passed on to children here.

Often people have a particular view of haemophilia based on their memories of their brother, father or grandfather’s experience. Treatment for haemophilia has improved a great deal over the years and it can be valuable to learn more about how haemophilia is treated now and to speak to other people with haemophilia or parents of children with haemophilia or the Haemophilia Centre to see how things have changed. The Haemophilia Centre can also give a referral to a genetic counselling service that specialises in bleeding disorders.

Date last reviewed: July 2013