Youth Workshop

Get out of your head! Together with Beautiful Minds, Haemophilia Foundation Australia is running virtual workshops in October to coincide with the 20th Australian Conference on Haemophilia, VWD and Rare Bleeding Disorders.

What's on:

  • Thurs 7/10, 7-8pm: Mind Fitness (separate guys and girls’ sessions)
  • Fri 8/10, 7-8pm: What is a Real Man? (for guys) | Inner Bully, Inner Bestie (for girls)
  • Sat 9/10, 9-10am: Looking After Your Health (guys and girls together session)

Who Should Attend:

Anyone aged 10-30 years (yes, that is a wide age gap, trust us – it’ll all work out). This workshop is free to everyone in our community – young people with bleeding disorders, siblings, cousins and family.
Register below by Sunday 3 October to ensure you don't miss out!  For information flyer click here 

Parents and Guardians, want to know more? Click here 

For participants under 18 Parent/Guardian Consent needed - I give consent for my child to attend the virtual Youth Workshop & Conference.:
Eligibility: We do not require personal health information:

Are you a member of your local foundation?:

This program is being run by HFA with the support of an education grant from CSL Behring
Date last reviewed: 16 September 2021