Medical Information

Medical Services
There will be no treatment room at the conference venue. Delegates must make their own plans for medical services and treatment.
All Delegates should plan well in advance to bring sufficient supplies of haemophilia treatment products to meet treatment requirements.
Overseas Delegates should make inquiries about health services and treatment whilst in Australia before travel. For information about importation of treatment product see websites: and

Haemophilia Treatment Centre in Melbourne 
Ronald Sawers Haemophilia Centre
The Alfred Hospital
1st Floor, South Block Commercial Road, Melbourne
T 03 9076 2178
Emergency 03 9076 2000 and page 4959

The Henry Ekert Haemophilia Treatment Centre
Royal Children's Hospital
Flemington Road Parkville Vic 3052
T 03 9345 5099
Emergency 03 9345 5522 and page 4800