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Presentations from the 15th Australian & New Zealand Haemophilia Conference in Brisbane 2009 are available for download. For a full listing, view the program (below) or following is a summary:

 2009 Conference Program - [PDF, 80KB]

Friday 9 October 2009

Plenary 1

Chair: Maurren Spilsbury
Assessing the impact of chronic disease on adolescents - a practical psychological paradigm ~ Dr Michael Carr-Gregg 

Concurrent 1 - am
Family factors: challenges & solutions

Chair: Kelly Brady
Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) ~ Anne Jackson/Sharon Hawkins/ Cheryl Ellis - [PDF, 402KB]
Moving on: preparing for transition to adult life ~ Margaret Rae - [PDF, 1MB]
Venous access and ports ~ Helen Starosta - [PDF, 378KB]

Concurrent 2 - am
Product safety

Chair: Rob Christie
UK vCJD experience ~ Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs -[PDF, 943KB]
vCJD risk and product safety ~ Prof Albert Farrugia - [PDF, 641KB]

Concurrent 3 - am
von Willebrand Disorder

Chair: Dr James Daly
AHCDO Guidelines ~ Dr James Daly - [PDF, 318KB] 
Pathology and treatment ~ Dr Jeremy Robertson - [PDF, 1MB]
Living with vWD ~ Lorraine Porter- Bishop - [PDF, 435KB]
Living with vWD ~ Lauren Winders - [PDF, 15.3KB]

Concurrent 1 - pm
Women’s issues

Chair: Belinda Burnett
Women’s issues – an overview and introduction ~ Belinda Burnett - [PDF, 1MB]
My journey with haemophilia B ~ Justine Mamootil - [PDF, 21KB]
Menorrhagia, pregnancy and delivery ~ Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs - [PDF, 734KB]

Concurrent 2 - PM
Treatment and management of inhibitors

Chair: Dr Chris Barnes
Codey’s personal experience
Risk factors for inhibitor development ~ Dr Simon Brown - [PDF, 346KB]
Caring for people with inhibitors ~ Dr Chris Barnes - [PDF, 491KB]

Concurrent 3 - PM 
Haemophilia across the continuum

Chair: Penny McCarthy
Haemophilia-talking 'bout your generation ~ Penny McCarthy - [PDF, 454KB]
Maintaining health and independence, living with arthritis ~ Jann Anderssen n
Haemophilia and the added health benefits from general practice care ~ A/Prof Jane Smith - [PDF, 499KB]
Health issues for an ageing haemophilia population ~ Dr Huyen Tran - [PDF, 511KB]

Plenary 2
Good joints for a better life

Chair: Wendy Poulsen
The benefits of physiotherapy-exercise and fitness, maintaining healthy joints, optimising prophylaxis ~ Kathy Mulder - [PDF, 236KB]
Understanding rheumatology - inflammatory processes, MRI’s and radiosynovectomy ~ Dr David Kandiah - [PDF, 1.1MB]
Orthopaedic problems and solutions ~ Dr Brett Halliday - [PDF, 913KB]



Plenary 3
The importance of comprehensive care for patients, families, health professionals and the health care system - meeting the challenges

Chair: Kathy Mulder
A perspective of a young family ~ Helen Fogarty - [PDF, 621KB]
A perspective of an adult with haemophilia ~ Mike O’Reilly - [PDF, 17.8KB]
Using clinical data, evidence and experience – the benefits of benchmarking ~ Dr Chris Barnes
History of comprehensive care and current best practice ~ Dr John Rowell - [PDF, 276KB]
Physiotherapy - an overview ~ Debbie Thompson
Nurse – an overview ~ Janine Furmedge - [PDF, 507KB]
Social Worker – an overview ~ Maureen Spilsbury - [PDF, 630KB]

Concurrent 1 - am
Understanding genetics and reproductive choices

Chair: Dr John Rowell
An overview of genetics ~ Dr John Rowell - [PDF,754KB]
How genetic counselling can help ~ Katherine Rose - [PDF, 203KB]
PreImplantation genetic diagnosis and assisted reproductive technology in haemophilia ~ Dr Penelope Foster [PDF, 533KB]
A carrier’s journey~ Jane Devlin - [PDF, 25KB]

Concurrent 2 - am
Living with hepatitis C

Chair: Suzanne O’Callaghan
Personal reflections on living with hepatitis C, treatment and support ~ Mark Ivory - [PDF, 47KB]
Update on hep C, treatment, care and future directions ~ Dr Greg Dore - [PDF, 764KB]
Decisions about hepatitis C treatment and resilience during treatment ~ A/Prof Carla Treloar - [PDF, 197KB]
Dealing with your mental health - managing hep C symptoms and treatment ~ Dr Paul Pun - [PDF,144KB] 

Concurrent 3 - am
Free Papers

Chair: Beryl Zeissink
The HFNZ community needs assessment: preliminary findings, preliminary findings ~ Chantal Lauzon - [PDF, 188KB]
A retrospective audit of yttrium synovectomies at The Alfred ~ Dr Anne Powell - [PDF, 216KB]
The psoas muscle and sexual health ~ Matthew Stewart
30 years’ experience of joint replacements in patients with bleeding disorders in SA ~ Dr Lay Tay - [PDF, 320KB]
Outcomes after joint arthroplasty or arthrodesis at an Australian Haemophilia Centre ~ Dr Kemble Wang - [PDF, 259KB]

Concurrent 1 - pm
Good dental care for adults and children with bleeding disorders

Chair: Dr James Daly
Dental care & health in Adults ~ Dr Ian Hewson 828KB
The Great Australian Bite ~ Dr Kerrod Hallett 574KB
A personal experience ~ Paul Bonner

Concurrent 2 - pm
Living with HIV

Chair: Alex Coombs
Psycho-social aspects of disclosure ~ Alex Coombs - [PDF, 117KB]
Personal reflections ~ Matt Powell
HIV in 2009 means viral suppression for all. New opportunities and new challenges ~ Dr Mark Kelly - [PDF, 1MB]
Positively addressing personal barriers- lets talk about…. sex, disclosure & relationships ~ Georgia Ash - [PDF, 692KB]

Concurrent 3 - PM
Practical Living

Chair: Leonie Mudge
Superannuation & insurance (Travel & income protection) ~ John Berrill -[PDF, 22KB]
Income support/financial assistance ~ Leonie Mudge - [PDF,223KB]
Career and employment: challenges and choices panel ~ Mike Holloway, Luke Chipperfield, Robert McCabe 

Plenary 4
Haemophilia care and treatment– where have we come from, and where are we going?

Chair: Deon York
History of haemophilia care, new treatments, treatment needs in the developing world ~ Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs - [PDF, 532KB]
Gene therapy for haemophilia: what's the holdup? ~ Prof John Rasko
Trends in treatment product use and expenditure in Australia ~ Dr Alison Turner - [PDF, 98KB]
Ethics, cost and sustainability- the future horizon ~ Deon York

Men's & Women's Breakfast
Men’s Breakfast

Chair: Matthew Stewart
Speaker: Steve Manning - “Fitness and its benefits"- [PDF, 606KB]

Women’s Breakfast

Chair: Sharon Caris
Speaker: Kathy Mulder - “Amazing Mothers" - [PDF, 845KB]


Program - [PDF, 80KB] 

Abstract Book

Conference 2009 Abstract Book - [PDF, 990KB] 

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