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Friday 21 October 2011

Plenary 1

How a happier body can lead to a happier mind - Anna Louise Bouvier - [PDF,  1.4MB]

Concurrent 1 - am
Keeping the body in tune - children

Chair: Wendy Poulsen
Managing diet – dealing with fussy eaters – Dr Jacqui Dalby-Payne - [PDF, 432KB]
Risk of bleeds associated with physical activity in children with haemophilia - Dr Carolyn Broderick
Personal Experience - Chris Gordon

Concurrent 2 - am
Staying on your feet – a session for adults of all ages

Chair: Dr Huyen Tran
Saving the Ankle Joint – Dr Sanjeev Gupta
Haemophiliac joints in children: can we preserve them from damage?
A/Prof Prudence Manners - [PDF, 2.8MB]
Dr Anne Powell - [PDF, 215KB] 
Staying on your feet – a session for adults of all ages - Emma Paterson- [PDF, 72KB]

Concurrent 3 - am
Von Willebrand Disorder

Chair: Dr Susan Russell
A personal story of a family affected by VWD – Manal Awad
VWD – clinical update on treatment and care – Dr Mandy Davis
Diagnosis and classification of VWD –Dr Emmanuel Favaloro -  [PDF, 329KB] 

Concurrent 1 - pm
Keeping the mind and body in tune - adults

Chair: Andrew Atkins
Obesity/weight management: clinical issues - Dr Anne Powell
Personal experiences: Andrew Selvaggi and Zev Fishman will share their inspiring stories of overcoming some of the complications of haemophilia
Creating flourishing lives: putting positive psychology into practice – Nicola Gates - [PDF 357KB]

Concurrent 2 - pm
Women’s health and reproduction

Chair: Belinda Burnett
IVF and embryo diagnosis – Dr Kristi Jones - [PDF, 766KB]  
Managing menorrhagia - Dr Claire McLintock - [PDF,  734KB]
HFNZ Women’s Program – Lynne Campbell - [PDF, 351KB]

Concurrent 3 - pm
Transitions: becoming an adult

Chair: Maureen Spilsbury
Transitioning in Queensland: From Teddy Bears to Apprenticeships! – Maureen Spilsbury & Dr Desdemona Chong - [PDF, 469KB]
WA Transition program - Presented by Haemophilia Counsellor – Sharon Hawkins and William Oversby - [PDF, 531KB]
A panel of young people and professionals will discuss their experiences of youth transition

Plenary 2

Chair: Zev Fishman
Haemophilia and Ageing – Dr Mike Makris
Followed by multidisciplinary panel: Leonie Mudge (Social Worker), Ian dYoung (Physiotherapist), Stephen Mathews (Nurse) )

Saturday 22 October 2011

Plenary 3
Treatment challenges

Chair: Dr Scott Dunkley
Safety of current products used to treat inherited bleeding disorders – Dr Mike Makris
Current and emerging challenges, risk factors for inhibitor development – Dr Julie Curtin - [PDF, 822KB]
Update from the AHCDO Tolerisation Advisory Committee – Dr Chris Barnes - [PDF, 165KB]
Inhibitors in mild haemophilia – Dr Simon McRae 
A personal experience of tolerisation – Hamish Robinson

Concurrent 1 - am
Men’s Business

Chair: Sharon Hawkins
Facilitator: Greg Millan
What’s normal? – across the lifespan - Greg Millan - [PDF, 381KB]
Enjoying your sex life: Issues and solutions for men with physical impairment – Dr Tinashe Dune - [PDF, 429KB]
Panel – Q&A
Haemophilia physiotherapist – Cameron Cramey - [PDF,131KB]
Haemophilia nurse – Clare Waite - [PDF, 82KB] 
Haemophilia Counsellor - Sharon Hawkins - [PDF, 103KB]
BBV’s , and body image - Dr Roger Garsia - [PDF, 210KB]

Concurrent 2 - am
The challenges of prophylaxis

Chair: Ian d’Young
Clinical update on prophylaxis – Dr Alessandro Gringeri
Delivery of Prophylactic Factor to Children with Severe Haemophilia: the challenge of venous access - Dr Susan Russell & Robyn Shoemark - [PDF, 676KB]
Joint health for children and adolescents: Prophylaxis is not the only answer – Ian d’Young 

Concurrent 3 - am
The rarer bleeding disorders

Chair: Grainne Dunn
A personal story by a mother of a child with severe factor XI deficiency – Nadine Penn
Nursing perspectives – 3 nurses will present snapshots of their experiences of looking after patients with rare bleeding disorders and the nursing issues that arise:

Factor X deficiency - Dr James Price - [PDF, 36KB]
Platelet function disorders – Dr Tim Brighton - [PDF, 686KB]

Concurrent 1 - pm
Living with hepatitis C and/or HIV co-infection

Chair: Megan Walsh
From a patient’s perspective – Luke Ahern
Medical update on HIV co-infection including reproduction for HIV discordant couples – Dr Roger Garsia - [PDF, 62KB]
Update on hepatitis C and treatment – A/Prof Simone Strasser
Managing symptoms and liver health – Anne Glass - [PDF, 303KB]

Concurrent 2 - pm
Caring for parents and carers

Chair: Dr Desdemona Chong
Taming the Stress Dragon - Dr Desdemona Chong - [PDF, 469KB]
Empowering Parents!
PEP in Australia - Anne Jackson - [PDF, 250KB]
Re-PEP in New Zealand – an opportunity to review, re-visit, reflect and refresh - Colleen McKay - [PDF, 170KB] 
The benefits from a Mother’s perspective - Lynley Scott
The benefits from a Father’s perspective - Richard Scott
Caring for Carers across the spectrum - Elena Katrakis - [PDF, 176KB]

Concurrent 3 - pm
Communication and Social media

Chair: Jonathan Spencer
Social networking – community perspectives and issues to consider for community organisations – Suzanne O’Callaghan - [PDF, 278KB] 
Can you Care too Much? Maintaining the Delicate Balance of Professional Boundaries in a New Age – Lyn Biviano & Natasha Samy - [PDF, 64KB]
Privacy and reputation management in the digital space – Melissa Sevil

Plenary 4
Treatment and care – now and the future

Chair: Geoff Simon
What are some of the issues? – Geoff Simon
Expectations from a community perspective – Deon York - [PDF, 181KB]
Optimising supply and demand for clotting factors – Stephanie Gunn - [PDF, 535KB] 
The future of haemophilia care – a personal view - Dr Mike Makris

Date last reviewed: 17th Nov 2011