What do you need to participate successfully?
  • Computer with sound card, tablet or smartphone
  • WIFI or data
How do I watch the sessions on-demand?
Please visit the conference portal, login using your conference registration details, then visit 'Program on Demand' to find and watch the sessions you're interested in.

Can I still register to watch the conference sessions?
Yes, registration is still open for on-demand access. Register here.

How long will the sessions be available to watch on-demand?
The sessions will be available until April 2022.

Were all sessions recorded?
All plenary and concurrent sessions were recorded and are available to watch on-demand. In addition to this, a recording of the Remembrance Service has also been added to the on-demand program. The only session not made available to watch on-demand was Plenary 2 - Dealing with Change.
Date last reviewed: 20 October 2021