The conference program ran over two days, Friday 8 October to Saturday 9 October, with a combination of keynote and concurrent sessions. These sessions are now available on-demand for those who have registered.

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Official Conference Welcome & Acknowledgement of Country

Gavin Finkelstein, President HFA and Dr Ritam Prasad, Conference Co-chair 


Plenary 1 – The changing world of bleeding disorders 

Chair: Dr Ritam Prasad  

Short Personal Stories
~ Lenny, Leah, Bruce

Overview of the Australian experience - spectrum of changes in bleeding disorders over the years
~ Prof Huyen Tran

Are we there yet? The innovative future of bleeding disorders treatment
~ Dr David Lillicrap

An overview of the impact of advances in treatment on quality of life and independence and on clinical practice.
~ Dr Liane Khoo





Concurrent 1 - Managing bleeds under current new treatments 

Chair: Jane Portnoy 

The impact of new haemophilia treatments on people with haemophilia, parents and health professionals
~ Jane Portnoy

Patient experiences ~ Ira, Scott, Hugo, Leah

Understanding bleeds under new treatments
~ Dr Julie Curtin

Panel discussion and Q&A
Physiotherapist ~ Alison Morris
Nurses ~ Joanna McCosker & Beryl Zeissink
Medical ~ Dr Julie Curtin

Concurrent 2 – Von Willebrand disease

Chair: Susie Couper 

VWD personal experience
~ Perry

VWD genetics, diagnosis and classification
~ Dr Simon McRae

VWD personal experience
~ Simoni

VWD treatment and future directions
~ Dr Nathan Connell





Concurrent 3 – Sex, sexuality and intimacy

Chair: Scott Russell  

Awkward conversations – Talking about sex and intimacy
~ Simone Sheridan

WFH video – ASK ME ANYTHING – Can sex cause a bleed?

Q&A with panel of experts:
Haematologist ~ A/Prof Chris Barnes
Sexual health nurse consultant with disability expertise ~ Simone Sheridan
Social worker ~ Alex Coombs
Physiotherapist ~ Scott Russell
Haemophilia nurse ~ Penny McCarthy


Concurrent 4 - Women and girls 

Chair: Sharron Inglis 

Introduction and personal story
~ Sharron Inglis

Understanding, recording and reporting bleeding symptoms in girls and women
~ Joanna McCosker and Jaime Chase.

New clinical approaches in managing women and girls with bleeding disorders across the lifespan
~ Dr Mandy Davis

Gynaecological issues for women and girls with bleeding disorders
~ Dr Angela Dunford

Sport and exercise for girls and women
~ Hayley Coulson




Plenary 2 – Dealing with change

Chair: Sharon Caris 

Dr Charlotte Keating is a psychologist, with a PhD in neuroscience, specialising in adolescents and executives. She is a passionate advocate for mental health, particularly for young people. Charlotte is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society and an Associate Member of the College of Clinical Psychologists.

*This session will only be available live, not on-demand*


Remembrance Service
A time for everyone to come together, reflect and remember family and friends in our community.

1900 - 2000

Battle of the Trivia
Friday night social activity




Plenary 3 - Pain 

Chair: Dr Liane Khoo 

What’s new in pain?   Is it different now with new treatments?
~ Dr Liane Khoo

Pain in haemophilia
~ Mr Paul McLaughlin

A body and mind approach for pain management in people with bleeding disorders   
~ A/Prof Carolyn Arnold

Patient personal perspective on chronic pain
Jane Portnoy interviewing Dylan

Osteoarthritis, exercise and pain: the GLA:D® program.
~ Dr Christian Barton

Panel Q&A




Concurrent 5 - Making the most of your health virtually 

Chair: Suzanne O'Callaghan 

Embracing health care futures: Global trends in consumer health care innovation and where they’re taking us
~ Dr Zaana Howard

Future digital healthcare environment in Australia
~ Bettina McMahon

New experiences with diagnostics and programs in bleeding disorders – Australian case studies:
Telehealth and physiotherapy ~ Scott Russell
Telehealth and infusion training ~ Erin Krake

Panel discussion and Q&A
Nurses & data manager – Janine Furmedge, Julia Ekert, Erin Krake
Physiotherapist ~ Helen Dixon
Social worker ~ Sharon Danilovic
Patient ~ Neil

Concurrent 6 – Getting stronger safely 

Chair: Abi Polus 

Research into exercise for boys with haemophilia (DOLPHIN-II Trial)
~ Dr David Stephensen

Less is more - getting the most out of limited time in the gym
~ Dr Mervyn Travers

Panel Q&A
~ Merv Travers, Abi Polus and Tim




Concurrent 7 - Youth – challenges, taboos and myths 

Chair: Robyn Shoemark 

Growing up
~ Dale’s story

Mother and Son journey through teenage years
~ Heidi & Sam

How to deal with cyber bullying and communication
Looking after your mental health
~ Monique Craft

Panel Q&A

Concurrent 8 - Getting older 

Chair: Jenny Lees 

Personal story
~ Zev

Clinical issues with ageing
~ Prof Mike Makris

Getting Older report – results and implementation
~ Suzanne O'Callaghan

Panel Discussion: What are the issues and challenges ahead?
Facilitator ~ Suzanne O'Callaghan
Nurse ~ Stephen Matthews
Physiotherapist ~ Frankie Mullen
Psychosocial worker ~ Kathryn Body




Plenary 4 – Where to from here? 

Chair: Dr Ritam Prasad 

Haemophilia care in 2030 ~ Prof Mike Makris

Where to from here? ~ Dr David Stephenson

My vision for treatment and care into the future:
Young man with severe haemophilia ~ Alan
Parent of children with haemophilia ~ Claude
Woman with VWD ~ Shauna

Bleeding disorders treatment and care into the future ~ Dr Ritam Prasad

Where to from here? Achieving the vision ~ Sharon Caris

Panel discussion/Q&A

Wrap up and thank you!

Date last reviewed: 21 October 2021