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Sunday 11 October 1pm EST
Baking Red Cupcakes!
Kicking off Bleeding Disorders Awareness Week with a virtual baking session making Red Velvet Cupcakes.
Class will be perfect for kids and younger ones will need a helper. The session will be run by HFA staff member Natashia and her kids.
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Tuesday 13 October 8.30pm EST
Children and young people and keeping fit  
During Bleeding Disorders Awareness Week HFA is hosting a session run by a Haemophilia Physiotherapist and Nurse answering questions like how to choose a sport/activity? How to avoid injuries? Rehabilitating after a bleed. Also hear from Andrew about his own personal experience about keeping fit.
Target audience -
* Parents of young children
* Young people over 13 years - 18 years
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Thursday 15 October 8.30pm EST
Getting older and exercising
During Bleeding Disorders Awareness Week HFA is hosting a session run by a Abi Polus, Haemophilia Physiotherapist and Megan Walsh, Haemophilia Nurse answering questions about getting older and keeping up the exercise.   We will also hear from Zev about his own personal experience. 
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Friday 16 October 8.30pm EST
Bombardier Blood documentary live chat with special guest Chris Bombardier
The powerful movie BOMBARDIER BLOOD is now available to purchase or rent. 

Even more exciting, Chris Bombardier is going to join the HFA community for a live chat on Friday 16 October to talk about the experience and answer questions!  

Purchase the movie and watch it before our live next week – Parents this is a great movie for kids and teens!! 

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Date last reviewed: 7 October 2020