A Reason to Give

With your support, families can rely on vital educational resources and networks that help people with bleeding disorders at every stage of their lifelong journey.

Eleven year old Will has had to grow up a lot quicker than boys his age. Severe haemophilia, diagnosed when he was just a baby, didn’t give him much choice.

For Will, part of growing up has meant learning to self-inject several times a week. But this doesn’t always stop Will’s bleeds and he needs to go to hospital. This means not only missing a lot of school time, but he also has to cope with missing fun things like school camps, outings and birthday parties with his friends.

Thankfully, Will has never been left to cope with haemophilia on his own. His parents, with the essential support of the Haemophilia Foundation Australia community, ensure that Will can deal with his bleeding disorder and make the best of his childhood.

HFA’s educational and practical resources are critical tools for Will’s parents, Mat and Karen, in overcoming the challenges of his bleeding disorder:

“When your child is diagnosed with a life threatening condition like haemophilia, the fear can be paralysing. You’re terrified of what might happen. But learning how to manage haemophilia makes a world of difference and helps you get on with life.”

HFA needs your help today to update and distribute our educational materials to reflect current and new treatment options so that everyone in our community has the important information they need.

Make a donation today to help people like Will and his parents access vital resources to help them live more confidently with a bleeding disorder?

HFA’s inspiring support networks:
“The family camps give Will a chance to meet other kids like him. Seeing what the older boys do with their lives and having strong role models is really important. The team building activities make you feel that you’re not on your own and that we’re all there to help each other. As a family we walk away feeling empowered knowing that we are doing the best we can to make the best of our lives and so that Will reaches his potential.”

HFA’s work to promote the best treatments:
Supporting families who are living with a bleeding disorder is just part of our crucial work. Your donation will also help us to continue to advocate for our community, to ensure that the best treatments are available to everyone, right across Australia.

New longer acting clotting factor therapies can stop bleeding for longer and this means some people don’t need as many painful injections each week, and there is less damage to fragile veins.

Thanks to this new treatment, Will no longer has to self-inject five times a week. With just twice a week injections he is protected from bleeding and has more freedom to do the things that keep him happy and thriving.

Your donation of will help us make sure every Australian with a bleeding disorder is treated with the best possible treatments and has a better quality of life.

As a family we walk away feeling empowered knowing that we are doing the best we can to make the best of our lives and that Will reaches his potential.
(Will, his brother Archie, Karen and Matt)





Date last reviewed: 14 May 2019