No 187 September 2014

World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day was marked internationally on 28 July 2014.

This year the focus was on checking your liver health regularly – simple, easy… and it could save your life!

Checking your liver health regularly is particularly important for people with bleeding disorders and chronic hepatitis C.

But it is equally important for everyone, whether you have hep C or not, to take care of your liver health generally.

The Love Your Liver web site gives tips on looking after your liver, delicious liver-friendly recipes, information about your liver and how it works, and the latest research on liver health.

HFA is committed to improving liver health and reducing hepatitis C stigma and discrimination in Australia. We worked together on the national campaign with Hepatitis Australia – you may have seen some of our Facebook posts and tweets! And with the State and Territory Foundations, we made sure the Liver Health Check fact sheet and poster reached our members through our newsletter mailouts, along with information on our web sites and social media postings.

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