No 199 September 2017

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ISTH 2017 Congress

Photo right: Sumit with the bear symbol of Berlin

At the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) Congress the world’s leading experts on thrombosis, haemostasis and vascular biology come together to present updates on recent research and discuss the newest clinical advances to improve patient care. The 2017 Congress was held in Berlin, Germany and over 9000 delegates attended.

With a theme of Transcending Scientific Boundaries and an extensive line up of educational sessions, poster and oral communications, the program fostered sharing of knowledge and promoted important scientific discourse and advancement.

The ISTH reports from Andrew Atkins and Sumit Parikh give a flavour of the depth and range of the presentations and the challenging debate about new treatments, including gene therapy. 

Exploring new therapies - Andrew Atkins

Standards and definitions - Sumit Parikh

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Date last reviewed: 21 September 2017