No 204 December 2018

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New young women's resource

We are very pleased to announce the release of Female Factors, HFA's new resource for young women and teenage girls.

Female Factors information for young women

HFA worked with haemophilia and gynaecology experts to answer the questions of young Australian women about how bleeding disorders affect females. 

The booklet has explanations about heavy periods and other bleeding symptoms in females. It looks at haemophilia - and why girls with haemophilia have different bleeding patterns to their father or brothers - von Willebrand disease (VWD), rare clotting factor deficiencies and inherited platelet disorders. It also covers other key issues for young women, including inheritance, diagnosis/testing, treatment and support, and tips for self-advocacy from other Australian women. And it includes FAQs such as what’s ‘normal’ and what’s not normal, and gives frank but reassuring answers to some of the questions that young women worry about.

Frequently asked questions

The information is presented in a magazine style – colourful and easy to read. There are personal stories, quotes and tips. 


Female Factors is available in multiple formats:



Many people were involved in developing Female Factors. Young women and their parents gave thoughts on the content and reviewed the text. Marg Sutherland, health educator, rewrote the text for a young female audience. Haemophilia health professionals and other experts suggested what topics to cover and reviewed it thoroughly. We would like to particularly acknowledge Prof Sonia Grover, Head of Gynaecology at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne and Dr Jane Mason, Director of the Queensland Haemophilia Centre, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, who did a substantial initial review and wrote new content for the booklet.

And many thanks to the young Australian women affected by bleeding disorders who contributed their personal stories and tips and focus-tested the design!


To find out more about Female Factors or order copies, contact HFA:

T: 1800 807 173.


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Date last reviewed: 5 December 2018