Youth Canoe Journey

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Youth Canoe Journey

Do you need a new challenge?
Are you looking for adventure?
Join us on the Youth Canoe Journey!

HFA has teamed up with adventure therapy group Purple Soup to bring you this exciting experience. 

This program is designed to build education and life skills for young people. We hope to empower them to work on their personal development and build connections with others living with a bleeding disorder.

Participants will be challenged to work as a team, overcome obstacles, and develop initiative skills. 

The Youth Canoe Journey is open to anyone aged between 18-25 years, and has a bleeding disorder, carries the gene or has a sibling with a bleeding disorder.

The event will be held mid-November 2018 - dates to be confirmed.

Come along to our Youth Canoe Journey! Head to for more information and to apply!

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Date last reviewed: 3 July 2018