Real-world (Phase 3)

In Phase 3 of the PROBE study (real-world), the wider haemophilia community is invited to participate in the survey.
Phase 3 of the PROBE (Australia) Study is now complete.

Read about results from the PROBE (Australia) Study in the Getting Older report
The aim is to collect information about the impact of haemophilia and current treatments from the perspective of Australian adults with haemophilia or who carry the gene. This is also compared to experiences of other adults in this community who do not have a bleeding disorder.
This is known as the ‘real-world’ study. This time community members’ questionnaire responses will be analysed and used as data about real-life experiences rather than testing whether the questionnaire works.
For Australians this is an important and exciting opportunity to create our own database of high-quality patient data about individuals’ experience of haemophilia, treatment and quality of life. We need data like this to understand current issues for our community; and also to represent these issues to governments or treatment and service funding bodies in a credible way. Without this data HFA has not had enough strong evidence to use in our advocacy for new treatments.

Phase 3 of the PROBE (Australia) Study is now complete and findings are now being used as evidence in HFA strategic work, for example the HFA Getting Older report.

We look forward to commencing a new phase of data collection to compare with these results.

In the Phase 3 PROBE (Australia) Study
All adults (18 years or over) who live in Australia were invited to participate if they
  • have haemophilia or carry the gene
  • do NOT have a bleeding disorder (eg, partner/wife/husband, extended family, caregiver, friend of someone with a bleeding disorder).
Participants were invited to complete an anonymous and confidential questionnair online or in print.
In Phase 3 the international investigators are studying the capacity of the system to continue to collect country data for large numbers of participants worldwide over time.
Another aspect of Phase 3 is to investigate modifying the infrastructure of the database system and data collection process to allow for longitudinal collection of PROBE data. This is so that individuals can complete the questionnaire at regular intervals, eg every 2 years, and to link their responses each time they do the survey to see if anything has changed for them.  Some countries including Canada will be testing this during Phase 3. HFA will monitor this work to see how it will affect data collection and whether it would be appropriate to do the same in the future in Australia. 
For more information about the Phase 3 Extension study, visit the trial information on NCT03549858 at
For more information about the PROBE study in Australia,  please contact Suzanne O'Callaghan at HFA:
T: 1800 807 173
To find out more about PROBE international, visit the PROBE study website – 

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Date last reviewed: 27 April 2021