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  • Are you between 13 and 30?
  • Do you have a bleeding disorder, carry the gene or are a brother or sister of someone who does?
  • Or just interested in bleeding disorders?
Find out all about bleeding disorders and how it relates to your life including sport, travel and employment!

Read personal stories, upload your own, ask a health professional a question, vote in polls, enter competitions and stay up to date with local events. Become a member and comment on other’s stories!

What is Factored In?

Factored In is HFA’s youth website which contains health professional reviewed information specific to youth and their everyday lives. Factored In information includes sport, travel, employment and a range of medical content including what to do, how to plan and who to ask. The website provides a unique opportunity for youth across Australia to share stories and connect with others who have experienced similar situations to them.

Factored In was developed from the needs assessment Beyond Prophylaxis (2012) which found that significant gaps in youth oriented information and a need for youth to build peer support connections were identified. Read more about the needs assessment here.

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Date last reviewed: 04/08/2016