Youth Lead Connect Program


Youth Lead Connect is an exciting new HFA youth leadership and mentoring program to build education and life skills for young people. The program is designed to benefit both individuals and the bleeding disorders community. For youth it helps personal development and build connections with others living with a bleeding disorder. For the bleeding disorders community it develops and trains young community representatives. They will be able to participate in leadership and mentoring activities at local camps and events and make sure a youth voice is represented from the youth community.

You must be aged 16 – 30 years, have a bleeding disorder, carry the gene or have a sibling with a bleeding disorder to be eligible to take part in this program.
  • Apply by completing the application form
  •  An initial face-to-face training weekend will be provided
  • Training will include skills building around leadership, effective and strategic communication, social competence, peer support and mentoring, as well as training on promoting Factored In. The weekend will also include a professional video workshop and guest speakers.
  • You must have a current Working With Children’s Check, or you will need to apply for one when you are accepted into the program.
  • Complete a mixture of hurdle requirements over a 12 month period to achieve a ‘graduated’ status from the program. These are based on the strengths and skills you wish to build upon.
An example of hurdle requirements:
  •  Attendance at the leadership and mentoring weekend
  • Attendance of at least one (1) State or Territory Foundation camp or activity in a mentoring or leadership capacity
  • Submitting a report to Factored In about the camp or activity
  • Other promotional activities related to Factored In.

Follow ups will be undertaken following the training weekend via telephone, email and social media to ensure completion of the hurdle requirements for the program.

Once you have successfully completed the Program, you will be awarded a certificate and encouraged to attend ongoing state/territory events in a mentoring and leadership capacity.

Date last reviewed: 08/09/2016

Application to the program follows a similar process to a job application: youth are required to submit an application form to HFA detailing why they want to be involved in the program and how they will use the skills learnt from the training in their local community, they are also required to provide a referee to support the plan.

This application process is important because it gives the participants the opportunity to reflect on their strengths and interests. It also means that the program can be carefully tailored to the participants, taking into account their strengths and what they would like to develop further, their experiences, past training and interests. This means the program can build on existing knowledge and experience.

Including referees from the local community is key to ensuring their local haemophilia foundation is able to support the youth participant.

If you are interested in being part of the next program for 2017 please contact Hannah Opeskin, Health Promotion Officer: 

The Youth Lead Connect program is supported by an unrestricted education grant from CSL Behring.

Date last reviewed: 08/09/2016

The 2016 creative workshop with Mantra about self-expression.

In 2016:
  • 11 participants successfully completed the application form and submitted the form to HFA on time
  • All 11 participants were assessed by HFA and their referee as appropriate to attend
  • 10 participants attended and were engaged with the training weekend

The workshop was run in February 2015 and was engaging and inspiring for everyone who attended. Critical to the success of the entire weekend was the range of facilitators including the HFA educators, The FRANK Team and Reach with a variety of approaches and expertise to maintain engagement. Youth participants demonstrated that they were inspired to be part of the program and to be a leader or mentor in their community.

Participants were required to identify hurdles that they would complete as part of their training. The flow on effect of Youth Lead Connect is that it opened a dialogue between youth participants and their local haemophilia foundations and encouraged youth to be involved in local community events and activities. It also enables youth participants and their foundation to have a conversation about their personal strengths and interests and how this can be tailored to help their foundation with relevant and useful activities.

  • It is exciting to hear of some of the outcomes and achievements so far:
  • a YLC participant has taken on a leadership role at a family camp and submitted the report to HFA
  • a hurdle for a youth who won an award to attend the 2016 WFH World Congress in Orlando in July is to write a report for publication and present to his  local Haemophilia Foundation
  • a YLC participant had a specific responsibility for planning and overseeing some of the children’s activities at a family camp
  • a YLC participant has organised and planned a Women’s Brunch that was held in in June

We are currently evaluating the YLC program more formally. However, there has already been positive feedback and support from the community, providing momentum for the ongoing development of the program.

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Date last reviewed: 08/09/2016

Anyone aged between 16-30 years, and has a bleeding disorder, carries the gene or has a sibling with a bleeding disorder.


  1. Complete the application form by explaining why you want to be involved
  2. Email it to Hannah Opeskin, HFA Health Promotion Officer at or via fax: 03 9885 1800 by 13 January 2017

Youth applying to the program must be available for the training weekend which will be held on the 18 & 19th February 2017


Date last reviewed: 28/11/2016