A Reason to Give

As we always have done, HFA will continue to be the voice for all people living with a bleeding disorder in Australia and we will make sure they have the care and support they need.
How will your donation help?
Running Children’s Camps: camps help overcome obstacles and make the future less frightening
HFWA hosted their family camp in March 2021 after re-scheduling from 2020.  We are also looking forward to other states/territories having their camps later in the year.
“Our WA camp in March was themed “Haemolympics”.  A lot of fun and games were had by all! From ages 1 - 70 years, there was something for everyone on this jam packed weekend”
Camps are so important; they help children overcome dependency on their parents and learn to manage their bleeding disorder on their own. As their confidence and independence grows, children become more willing to try new things, and discover that with the right precautions they really can lead full, active lives, just like their friends.

Making life-saving treatments accessible – before it’s too late:

You may have read the happy story last year about 8-year-old Christopher.  Christopher had a challenging time with his haemophilia and had developed inhibitors, and his treatment just didn’t work. He lived with painful, isolating recurrent bleeds and often told his mum: “I don’t want to have haemophilia anymore”. It was heartbreaking.
Fast forward to a year ago, Christopher had a wonderful opportunity to use a treatment that had recently been developed and approved for his condition. “Christopher is like a different person today and no one can stop him! He lives his life to the fullest and is so much happier and confident being able to do most of the same things his friends can do.” said Belinda (mum).
HFA advocates for everyone in our community to have access to the best treatment for their condition. This is challenging – the treatment products required are expensive for governments and we need to know our community well, so we can make the most appropriate recommendations.

Staying young at heart and living well: Getting Older education resources
HFA launched the Getting Older Hub on our website and make sure up to date information about getting older is available.  We are now moving into the next stage of the project and will be creating a suite of education resources on pain management, understanding the effects of getting older on your body and to support carers to learn how to take care of themselves.
When we asked our older members of the HFA community about their aspirations: their responses were not unlike the children who attend our camps; they dream of a brighter future when they can live more confidently with their condition and suffer less pain, debility and loss of independence
Female Factors: education resources and support for women
Women bleed too!  We are launching a new resource on Sport and Exercise for girls & young women.  The resource will focus on common questions such as How can I best participate? and What types of sport or exercise should I do?




Date last reviewed: 25 May 2021