Concurrent 1 - Managing bleeds under current new treatments

1045-1215 | Friday 8 October, 2021

Are you cautious about changing your bleeding disorder treatment? At the 20th Conference in Haemophilia, VWD and Rare Bleeding Disorders, Jane Portnoy, Dr Julie Curtin, Alison Morris, Joanna McCosker, Beryl Zeissink and members of our community, spoke with us about the impact of new haemophilia treatments, and understanding bleeds under new treatments. 

Watch the presentations below.
The impact of new haemophilia treatments on people with haemophilia, parents and health professionals
Presented by Jane Portnoy
Social Worker, The Ronald Sawers Haemophilia Treatment Centre, The Alfred Melbourne,VIC
Patient experiences
Presented by members of our community
Understanding bleeds under new treatments
Presented by Dr Julie Curtin
Senior Staff Specialist & Head of Haematology/Blood Bank at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney NSW
Panel discussion and Q&A - Managing bleeds under current new treatments
Presented by Alison Morris, Joanna McCosker and Beryl Zeissink
Alison is Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Perth Children’s Hospital, WA, Joanna is a Haemophilia Nurse Practitioner, Queensland Children’s Hospital, QLD and Beryl is a Clinical Nurse Consultant, Haemophilia Queensland Haemophilia Centre, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, QLD

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Visit the below resources to learn more about managing bleeds under current new treatments.