Concurrent 5 - Making the most of your health virtually

1045-1215 | Saturday 9 October, 2021

Chaired by Suzanne O'Callaghan, 'Concurrent 5 - Making the most of your health virtually' looks to the future of health care - global trends and what we can expect in Australia. These sessions were presented at the 20th Australian Conference on Haemophilia, VWD and Rare Bleeding Disorders, held virtually on 8-9 October 2021. Watch the recording below.
Embracing health care futures: Global trends in consumer health care innovation and where they’re taking us
Presented by Dr Zaana Howard
Customer Experience and Design Leader + Transformational Coach
Future digital healthcare environment in Australia
Presented by Bettina McMahon
Chief Executive Officer, Healthdirect Australia
New experiences with diagnostics and programs in bleeding disorders – Australian case studies: Telehealth and physiotherapy
Presented by Scott Russell
Physiotherapy, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, Brisbane QLD
and Erin Krake
Nurse, Henry Ekert Haemophilia Treatment Centre, Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, VIC
Panel discussion and Q&A
Presented by Suzanne O'Callaghan and featuring Janine Furmedge, Julia Ekert, Erin Krake, Helen Dixon, Sharon Danilovic and Neil

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