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More Info

Where can I find more information about VWD?

For frequently asked questions see the VWD FAQ

HFA Guide for people living with Von Willebrand Disorder (June 2010) [PDF, 4.01MB]

Visit the World Federation of Hemophilia E-learning Centre on VWD


Australian Bleeding Disorders Registry. Annual Report 2021-2022. Canberra: National Blood Authority, 2023.

National Blood Authority; Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation. Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the use of recombinant and plasma-derived FVIII and FIX products. Canberra: Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council, June 2006.


Content review in February 2018 by Penny McCarthy and Susan Dalkie from the Australian Haemophilia Nurses’ Group.

Information about inheritance and females with VWD was reviewed in 2018 by Dr Julie Curtin, Dr Jane Mason and Dr Stephanie P’ng from Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation.

This information is abridged from The guide for people living with von Willebrand disorder Melbourne: HFA, June 2010. The Guide was reviewed by Penny McCarthy, Megan Walsh and Salena Griffin from Australian Haemophilia Nurses’ Group; Leonie Mudge, Peter VanderLinden and Sharon Hawkins from Australia/New Zealand Haemophilia Social Workers’ and Counsellors’ Group; Wendy Poulsen and Matthew Stewart from Australian and New Zealand Physiotherapy Haemophilia Group; Dr James Daly, Dr John Rowell and Dr Simon McCrae from Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation; and VWD community representatives from the HFA VWD Consumer Review Panel.

Date last reviewed: 1 February 2024

Important Note: This information was developed by Haemophilia Foundation Australia for education and information purposes only and does not replace advice from a treating health professional. Always see your health care provider for assessment and advice about your individual health before taking action or relying on published information. This information may be printed or photocopied for educational purposes.

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