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Abstracts and Presentations

Following are abstracts and presentations from the 17th Australian & New Zealand Conference on haemophilia and related bleeding disorders, held in the Gold Coast in 2015 for download.

Conference Program
Conference Abstracts and Speakers – [PDF, 278KB] 
Conference Handbook and information – [PDF 421KB]


Friday 2 October 2015

Plenary 1 – Comprehensive Care: the journey

Chair: Dr John Rowell

The history of comprehensive care ~ Dr Alison Street – [PDF, 4.9MB]
The role of governments ~ Leigh McJames – [PDF, 1.2MB] 
Panel discussion ~ Dr Chris Barnes, Dr John Rowell, Beryl Zeissink, Dan Credazzi

Concurrent 1 – von Willebrand disease

Chair: Dr Catherine Harris

Personal Stories
~ Bobby, ACT
~ Sally, NSW
Diagnosis and testing ~ Dr Ritam Prasad – [PDF, 2.5MB]
Treatment and Management ~ Dr Susan Russell – [PDF, 629KB]

Concurrent 2 – Mild Haemophilia

Chair: Penny McCarthy

Mild Haemophilia across the life span ~ Penny McCarthy – [PDF, 163KB]
Mild Haemophilia in Children ~ Dr Jamie Price – [PDF, 821KB]
Personal story ~ Nathan, SA
Inhibitors, treatment in adults and genetic testing ~ Dr Simon McRae – [PDF, 2.2MB] 

Concurrent 3 – Hepatitis C

Chair: Suzanne O’Callaghan

Hepatitis C: Medical issues for PWBD and treatment, incl direct acting antivirals ~ A/Prof Simone Strasser
Personal story of a person living with HCV ~ Dave, QLD
Hepatitis C progression – barriers to monitoring liver health and treatment
~ Mary Fenech
~ Beryl Zeissink

Concurrent 1 – Youth

Chair: Hannah Opeskin

Q&A panel with engaging topics including:
• On the Move – moving out of home, travelling, work and study
• Is there such a thing as a safe risk?
• Disclosure – who to tell

Concurrent 2 – Inhibitors

Chair: Dr Chris Barnes

Inhibitor Risk Factors ~ Dr Alfonso Iorio – [PDF, 2.9MB]
The impact of product transition on the risk of inhibitor development in Australian patients with Haemophilia A ~ Dr Ann S Wilson – [PDF, 171KB]
Personal experience ~ Andrew, QLD
Treatment & Management of inhibitors ~ Dr John Rowell

Concurrent 3 – HIV

Chair: Leonie Mudge

The legacy of HIV for the bleeding disorders community ~ Leonie Mudge
HIV – An update on treatment and the burden of co-morbidities, including hepatitis C virus co-infection ~Dr Krispin Hajkowicz
Ageing/disability, resilience and HIV – psychosocial issues ~ Lynne Heyes – [PDF, 5.1MB]

Plenary 2 Improving outlooks for pain in haemophilia

Chair: Abi Polus

Humans: The best protectors yet ~ Prof Lorimer Moseley
Managing Pain in Haemophilia ~ A/Prof Carolyn Arnold – [PDF, 1.7MB]


Saturday 3 October 2015

Plenary 3 – Making informed family planning decisions

Chair: Dr Susan Russell

Prenatal/PGD testing ~ Peter Field
A Journey Through Genetic Counselling and Prenatal Diagnosis ~ Pauline McGrath
Role of Haemophilia Centres in genetic counselling ~ Robyn Shoemark – [PDF, 357KB]

Concurrent 1 – Genetic Counselling Services Workshop

Chairs ~ Maureen Spilsbury & Dr Desdemona Chong

The session was facilitated by haemophilia social workers and a genetic counsellor and was for women. It provided an opportunity for participants to think further about genetic issues and family planning.

Concurrent 2 – Family Matters: Tips, Tools & Strategies to support your child

Chair: Moana Harlen

Back off bully ~ Sarah Elliott
Siblings – best of friends and rivals ~ Colleen McKay – [PDF, 702KB]
Bouncing Back: Increasing Resilience in a child with a Bleeding Disorder ~ Linda Dockrill

Concurrent 3 Getting Older

Chair: Leonie Mudge

Clinical issues ~ Dr John Rowell
GPs and Men’s health checks ~ Olivia Hollingdrake – [PDF, 300KB]
Personal experience ~ Mike, QLD
Falls prevention/keeping mobile~ Rebecca Dalzell – [PDF, 556KB]

Concurrent 4 Being Active for children, teenagers and young adults

Chair: Wendy Poulsen

Purpose of prophylaxis treating after injury ~ Dr Chris Barnes
Adventure therapy success in supporting people living with a bleeding disorder ~ Tim Marchinton – [PDF, 1.5MB]
Personal experience ~ Ben, VIC
Gym Training – What are the right exercises for me? ~ Cameron Cramey – [PDF, 477KB]
Personal experience ~ Ty, SA

Concurrent 1 – Women Bleed too

Chair: Joanna McCosker

Managing bleeding problems: menorrhagia and pregnancy ~ Dr Stephanie P’Ng
Personal experience ~ Elyse, QLD
Question and Answer Panel
Nurse ~ Dale Rodney
Outreach worker ~ Linda Dockrill

Concurrent 2 – Managing your headspace for adults

Chair: Clare Reeves

The new age challenge: Haemophilia and growing older ~ Sarah Elliott
Evidence Based Mindfulness and how it can help in your personal and professional life ~ Dr Ira Van der Steenstraten – [PDF, 715KB]

Concurrent 3 Longer Acting Factors

Chair: Dr Jamie Price

Long Acting Clotting Factor Concentrates – How do they work? ~ Claire McGregor
What do we know so far about longer acting therapies – data ~ Dr Jamie Price – [PDF, 790KB]
A family’s experience ~ Helen and Felix, QLD

Plenary 4 – New therapies and future horizons

Chair: Dr Simon McRae

In this session, Dr Simon McRae will discuss the upcoming new Australian treatment guidelines for bleeding disorders, and their potential to improve care and services and optimise outcomes for patients and their families.

A Q &A Session with a multidisciplinary panel and community representative will look to the future as it responds to questions and comments from delegates.

Date last reviewed: 16 November 2015

Important Note: This information was developed by Haemophilia Foundation Australia for education and information purposes only and does not replace advice from a treating health professional. Always see your health care provider for assessment and advice about your individual health before taking action or relying on published information. This information may be printed or photocopied for educational purposes.

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