Connecting to others

Reach out and connect to your community!

In our digital stories for World Haemophilia Day 2019,  Australian community members share their experiences of reaching out to others in the bleeding disorders community – and the value of meeting others in similar situations who understand what it’s like.  No matter your age or stage, connection throughout life is vital. 

Connecting to others

Compilation video

Shauna – Connecting to women with VWD

Donna – connecting to other mothers of children with haemophilia

Cara and Robyn – connecting to other women with bleeding disorders, including VWD

Dale – connecting at community camps

Hamish – connecting with other young people with bleeding disorders

Latest stories

Girl playing in garden. Image by Emma Bauso for Pexels.

Growing up with Glanzmann thrombasthenia 

Elizabeth’s teenage daughter Grace has Glanzmann thrombasthenia. Elizabeth spoke with HFA about what it was like to find that your child has a very rare bleeding disorder and their family experiences as Grace grows up.

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