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2007 Conference

2007 Canberra Conference

The 14th Australian and New Zealand Haemophilia Conference was held at Hyatt Canberra from Thursday 4 October – Sunday 7 October 2007.

Abstract Book

Abstract handbook

Friday 5 October

Plenary 1
Key issues in haemophilia 1

"Ethnomics", identity and agency in haemophilia care – A/Prof Ian Kerridge – [PDF, 146KB]
Assessing outcome of haemophilia treatment – the role of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) – Dr Kathelijn Fischer – [PDF, 819KB]

Concurrent 1 – AM (1100-1230)
Inhibitor risk profiling – the care and management of inhibitors

Living with an inhibitor – a personal reflection – Michael Prendergast – [PDF,43KB]
Predicting inhibitors – Dr Jamie Price – [PDF, 31KB]Role of plasma products in the treatment of haemophilia today – Dr Scott Dunkley – [PDF, 497KB]
Treatment of patients with inhibitors and immune tolerance – Dr Chris Barnes – [PDF, 204KB]

Concurrent 2 – AM (1100-1230)
Helping families to manage bleeding disorders better

Understanding pain and needle phobia – comfort and coping strategies – Dr Angela Mackenzie – [PDF, 219KB]
Impact of bleeding disorders on the family – tools for advocating for your child and family – Colleen McKay – [PDF, 298KB]
Parents & health professionals in partnership – improving services in Haematology/Oncology unit at the Women's & Children's Hospital – Anne Jackson & Sharyn Wishart – [PDF, 550KB]

Concurrent 3 – AM (1100-1230)
Hepatitis C treatment and care

Hepatitis C treatment and care: relevance to haemophilia – Prof Geoffrey Farrell – [PDF, 424KB]
Making decisions about hepatitis C treatment: what men are thinking – Dr Stephen McNally – [PDF, 205KB] 

Concurrent 1 – PM (1330-1500)
Understanding von Willebrand Disorder

Some practical aspects of laboratory testing for von Willebrand Disorder – Geoff Kershaw – [PDF, 436KB]
Demystifying the classification of von Willebrand Disorder and lessons from the Australian clinical trials – A/Prof Ross Baker – [PDF, 1014KB]
1 + 1 = 3 – A family experience of von Willebrand Disorder – Lorraine Bishop

Concurrent 2 – PM (1330-1500)
Youth Matters

Building relationships – effective communication and telling partners about bleeding disorders/blood borne viruses – Dr Sarah Martin – [PDF, 483KB]
Better health and fitness: laying the foundation for positive and independent management of haemophilia – Brendan Egan & Janine Furmedge – [PDF, 1.5MB]
Making the move: There is planning and there is what actually happens! – Leonie Mudge – [PDF, 347KB]

Concurrent 3 – PM (1330-1500)
Fitness in children

Fitness and physical activity in children with haemophilia – Dr Carolyn Broderick – [PDF,548KB]
Strategies to promote healthy participation – overcoming the barriers – Wendy Poulsen and Salena Griffin – [PDF, 1.6MB]


Saturday 6 October

Plenary 3
Key issues in haemophilia 2

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and assisted reproductive technology in haemophilia – Dr Penelope Foster – [PDF, 577KB]
Individualisation of prophylaxis in severe haemophilia: starting, dosing, tapering/stopping – Dr Kathelijn Fischer – [PDF, 376KB]

Concurrent 1 – AM (1100-1230)
Complications of ageing

Vascular disease in haemophilia – A/Prof Alison Street – [PDF, 414KB]
Chronic haemophilic arthropathy – Prof John York – [PDF, 901KB]
Falls and balance – from research to practice – Prof Keith Hill & Marcia Fearn – [PDF, 1.1MB]

Concurrent 2 – AM (1100-1230)
Impact of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C and young people – Vicki Jermyn – [PDF, 443KB]
Hepatitis C related stigma and discrimination – origins, impacts and responses – Helen Tyrrell – [PDF, 95KB]
Experiences of the bleeding disorders community – HFA hepatitis C needs assessment – Suzanne O’Callaghan – [PDF, 53KB] 

Concurrent 3 – AM (1100-1230)
Women's Wisdom

Mothers, partners, carers, people with bleeding disorders and carriers of the haemophilia gene – Belinda Burnett – [PDF, 320KB]
Genetic aspects of haemophilia – Dr Susan Russell (presented for Dr David Mowat) – [PDF, 490KB]
Management of delivery in carriers & Management of the newborn – Dr Susan Russell – [PDF, 203KB]
Menorrhagia: best Care and practice – Dr Julia Phillips – [PDF, 459KB]

Concurrent 1 – PM (1330-1500)
Scientific and Psychosocial snapshots – new initiatives and progress

The measurement of physical activity in boys with severe haemophilia – Brendan Egan – [PDF, 91KB]
Workshop for young women and bleeding disorders – Colleen McKay – [PDF, 355KB]
Attitudes towards and beliefs about genetic testing in the haemophilia community – Dilinie Herbert – [PDF, 78KB]
A retrospective study of the utility of the 1-deamino-8-D-arginine vasopressin (DDAVP) trial in the management of patients with von Willebrand disorder – Dr Jake Shortt – [PDF, 353KB]
Blood, toil and tears: clinical and psychosocial outcomes over 25 years in patients with haemophilia infected with HIV & The safety and efficacy of enfuvirtide therapy for HIV infection in patients with haemophilia – Dr Mark Polizzotto – [PDF, 859KB]

Concurrent 2 – PM (1330-1500)
Men's Health – it's bloke's business

Managing arthritis – Helen Cody – [PDF, 383KB]
Dealing with Depression – Dr Paul Denborough – [PDF, 153KB]

Concurrent 3 – PM (1330-1500)
Planning and managing best practice care and treatment

Using data for better clinical outcomes – A/Prof Ross Baker – [PDF, 85KB]
The NBA four years on – focus on patient needs, achievements and future opportunities – Dr Alison Turner – [PDF, 4.6MB]
Blood products for the treatment of haemophilia: priorities for government – Roderick Saunders – [PDF, 31KB]
Safety of haemophilia products – keeping ahead through regulation – Prof Albert Farrugia – [PDF, 298KB]

Date last reviewed: 31 August 2009

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