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With your help, we can be there for Jack at every stage of his life.

Jack.JPGJack is three years old and has severe haemophilia. As there is no cure, he will need treatment and support throughout his entire life.

Jack was 18 months old when he had his first bleed. He was rushed to hospital with swelling in his ankle. A couple of months later, he banged his head resulting in a large haematoma. Two days later he banged it again – he had a bleed and his little forehead joined his nose, his face was so swollen.


This was the start of Jack’s battle with haemophilia and the worry for his parents Holly and Matt. Jack now has treatment every week where clotting factor is injected into a port-a-cath in his chest. This treatment is used to prevent bleeds.

As Jack grows up, he will face many different challenges as a result of living with haemophilia. And we need your help to support him every step of the way.

Please make a gift each month, and you will enable us to continue providing the services, support, education and research that is required to help people with bleeding disorders at each stage of their life.

Your monthly donation will support:

  • $15 per month will ensure workshops are available to educate and support all parents of a child who has been newly diagnosed with haemophilia.
  • $20 each month will fund annual family camps to enable children, young people and families build a support network to share and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • $25 each month would ensure leadership and mentoring is available for young people to nurture their development, increase confidence and build future leaders within the bleeding disorders and wider community.
  • $35 each month will allow us to adapt and continue peer support groups for men and women at different stages of adulthood and older age to share their experiences and help cope with changing issues related to their bleeding disorder.
  • An exceptional $50 per month would fund research projects that could one day lead to a cure for haemophilia and other bleeding disorders.
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Date last reviewed: 16 November 2022

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