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Telling a new partner – boys

How do you know if, when and how to tell a new partner about your bleeding disorder?

In this video haemophilia physiotherapist Scott Russell facilitates a discussion with haemophilia social worker Alex Coombs and haemophilia nurse Penny McCarthy on how you might approach what can be an awkward conversation.

Please note: These videos discuss intimate relationships, sexual acts and parts of the body in clear language. Some people may not be comfortable with this content.



This video is an excerpt from the Q&A that was included in the Sex, sexuality and intimacy session at the 2021 Australian Conference on Haemophilia, VWD and Rare Bleeding Disorders. View the rest of the session.

Scott Russell, haemophilia physiotherapist, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital
A/Prof Chris Barnes, haematologist and Haemophilia Treatment Centre Director, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne
Penny McCarthy, Haemophilia Nurse Consultant, Ronald Sawers Haemophilia Centre, The Alfred, Melbourne
Simone Sheridan, Sexual Health Nurse Consultant, Austin Hospital, Melbourne
Alex Coombs, Social Worker, Ronald Sawers Haemophilia Centre, The Alfred, Melbourne

Date last reviewed: 1 October 2022

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