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Tips for if you need treatment regularly


  • If you are likely to need treatment regularly while you are travelling, make sure you’re confident in doing your own treatment or travel with someone who is
  • Find out the names, addresses and phone numbers of Haemophilia Treatment Centres of where you are going, or the closest one to you
  • In Australia, some of the smaller Haemophilia Treatment Centres have different hours of operation. It is a good idea to check in advance with the centre in the state where you are travelling so you know when health professionals are available and how to access treatment, if you need assistance. For example, you should check whether you would need to go directly to the Haemophilia Treatment Centre, or to a day treatment area or the emergency department of the hospital
  • Always take extra supply of treatment stock including an extra tourniquet. You may not be able to purchase additional dry stock in the region you are travelling to
  • Remember to pack your treatment!
  • Carry treatment in a cold pack
  • When travelling on longer flights, check with the airline about their ability to give you ice or store product in their freezer. Different airlines have different internal policies, and checking with them in advance can make keeping your product cool easier
  • Check there is a reliable fridge where you’re staying to store your treatment. Otherwise check how long treatment product can be stored out of the fridge – your treatment centre can advise you on this
  • Carry factor product in hand luggage to avoid having it lost or misplaced. This is important as the product can be subjected to extremes of temperature in the luggage hold and hence the product could freeze and render it less effective
  • Consider taking a sharps container, you can get travel size ones
  • Within Australia, treatment product is distributed differently from state to state. Most Haemophilia Treatment Centres would require you to present to the Centre for any product to be issued to you, even if you wanted to top up your prophylaxis stock
  • Carry sufficient amounts of your treatment product with you for your stay. Some Haemophilia Treatment Centres may not stock the full range of products, or carry the full range of vial sizes
  • If your luggage is lost, the product will not be replaced
  • You will need to get travel insurance for overseas travel
Date last reviewed: 18 November 2021

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