Haemophilia Xplained

Haemophilia Xplained is an innovative app to explain haemophilia, how it impacts on the body and issues related to living with haemophilia. The app is also available as a website. It  is targeted at people living with haemophilia aged 15-18 years, but young adults may also find it interesting to read.

The app explains information about different aspects of living with haemophilia in a high quality comic-book style format. It tells the story of Mark, a uni student, who visits the Lab MedX to learn more about his haemophilia, and uses humour and colourful graphics to explain some of the science in simple language that is easy to understand. 

The content has been informed and reviewed by HFA, haemophilia health professionals around Australia as well as selected HFA youth leaders. The young people and health professionals’ work was in a voluntary capacity and we are grateful for everyone’s input.

The web version of the app is available through: www.factoredin.org.au and www.haemophiliaxplained.com.au.
The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the App Store.

Haemophilia Xplained has been created by Medicine X, in consultation with Haemophilia Foundation Australia, and sponsored by Biogen Australia.

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