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Factored In 

Factored In continues to be a valued resource among the bleeding disorders youth community.

New content includes:

  • A personal story about having inhibitors and being an umpire in basketball
  • A story about the HFACT camp by an HFA youth leader
  • Information about the WFH 2016 Congress Youth Session.

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Content has been generated from Youth Lead Connect (YLC) participants as they submit their reports about attending events and activities as leaders or mentors, and youth moderators continue to promote the website throughout their local community. The Youth Working Group is also involved in continual Factored In development by generating ideas for new content and contributing to stories.

Sharing stories is a great way of keeping youth connected and is an integral part of Factored In. Become a member and share your story!

What is Factored In?

Factored In is for people aged 13-30 who have a bleeding disorder, carry the gene or are a sibling of a person with a bleeding disorder. Here you can find good information, ask questions (even ones you’ve been too embarrassed to ask) – and if you’re a member, you can take part in competitions and polls, and comment on stories and share your own.

Becoming a member is easy and free with lots of perks – if you’re not a member yet and want to join the youth community, head over to Factored In and click on My Account to join!

I encourage everyone to head to

Youth Lead Connect

Youth Lead Connect participants have been thoroughly engaged and already demonstrated significant achievements:

  • A YLC participant has taken on a leadership role at a family camp and submitted the report to HFA
  • A hurdle for a youth who received an award to attend the 2016 WFH World Congress in Orlando in July is to write a report for publication and present to his local Haemophilia Foundation
  • A YLC participant had a specific responsibility for planning and overseeing some of the children’s activities at a family camp
  • A YLC participant has organised and planned a Women’s Brunch that was held in in June
  • A YLC participant has helped to run a youth camp in their local foundation

Details of two of these achievements are displayed in Youth News.

A five (5) month survey is in the process of being conducted to assess the progress of the participants and understand any issues they might be facing as they work through their hurdles. This will help HFA to identify concerns and develop solutions to any problems. The anonymous online survey will ask participants what has worked for them and has assisted them in developing and completing their hurdles, as well as the challenges they have experienced.

The survey will identify the following:

  • Enablers in developing and completing hurdles
  • Barriers to developing and completing hurdles
  • How HFA can increase the capacity of YLC participants

We are excited to see so much progress already achieved while the program is underway.

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