Canadian Challenge

How is Australia tracking with its MyABDR usage? Can we do better than Canada? This is the question that has been put to HFA by the Canadian Hemophilia Society.

You may be aware that Canada has recently commenced using the system MyCBDR, which is a patient-controlled app and website for people with bleeding disorders to record their treatments and bleeds, and based on the same concept and system as MyABDR. MyABDR data is added to the Australian Bleeding Disorders Registry (ABDR), the system used by Australian Haemophilia Treatment Centres to manage the clinical care of their patients.  MyCBDR data is added to the Canadian Bleeding Disorders Registry (CBDR) in a similar way.

Canada is working quickly to register Canadians with bleeding disorders on MyCBDR so that they can start using the system.

In the spirit of friendly trans-Pacific rivalry, the Canadian Hemophilia Society has issued a challenge to HFA to measure the proportion of people in Australia using MyABDR in comparison to the proportion using MyCBDR in Canada. The competition will involve a substantial prize for a MyABDR or MyCBDR user in the winning country.

Is Australia up to it? More soon!

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