World Haemophilia Day

Every April 17 World Haemophilia Day is recognised worldwide to increase awareness of haemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. This is a critical effort since with increased awareness comes better diagnosis and access to care for the millions who remain without treatment.


In 2017 the international theme was HEAR THEIR VOICES.

HEAR THEIR VOICES was a global campaign to come together on World Haemophilia Day to show our support for the millions of women and girls affected by bleeding disorders.

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) produced infographics to raise awareness about issues faced by women and girls affected by bleeding disorders. For example, a major concern is that many women with bleeding disorders do not recognise that they have bleeding symptoms and do not seek medical advice. As a result they can have untreated heavy menstrual bleeding or excessive or prolonged bleeding after medical or dental procedures, surgery, injuries or childbirth.

Many women unaware they have a bleeding disorder

Sharing personal stories is an important way to acknowledge the experience of women and for them to feel more connected with other women in similar situations. The WFH World Haemophilia Day website provided an opportunity for women around the world to share their stories and explain how bleeding disorders have affected their life.

Read the stories from women worldwide at

Finding out you carry the geneHFA celebrated World Haemophilia Day with the launch of a new The Female Factors resource – Haemophilia: finding out you carry the gene.  In this booklet Australian women talk about their reactions to diagnosis, their thoughts and tips on managing feelings and where to go for information and support.

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