AIDS 2014 in Melbourne

AIDS red ribbon

AIDS 2014, the 20th International AIDS Conference – and the world’s largest health AIDS red ribbonconference – will take place in Melbourne 20-25 July 2014.

For the Australian bleeding disorders community, this extraordinary event is an opportunity to join with the international as well as the local Australian community to show solidarity for those affected by HIV and to be part of the international endeavour to change the course of the HIV epidemic.

Stepping up the Pace

The Conference theme, Stepping up the Pace, recognises that we are at a critical time in the epidemic.  Over the past few years the gains in treatment, falling rates of infection and work towards a cure and a vaccine have created renewed optimism in the HIV and AIDS field.

We need to capture this optimism, build on it to ensure that HIV remains on top of the global agenda, and increase the pace to ultimately reverse the trajectory of the epidemic.

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Honouring the past, hope for the future

As part of the Conference’s work to understand the ongoing impact of HIV on the community, there are also several events to recognise and remember the experiences of people with HIV in Australia, including:

  • Honouring the past and hope for the future: Arts Centre Melbourne’s, Hamer Hall & Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS (YEAH) installation projecting a series of photographs and artworks onto the facade of Hamer Hall in Melbourne
  • The Witness Seminar, paying tribute to the Australian response to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s

This is also a time for us to remember the members of the bleeding disorder community who were affected by HIV when HIV was transmitted through some batches of clotting faHFA 20 years anniversary newsletterctor treatment product in the mid-1980s. As a result of this tragic episode, some people lost partners, family members, children, patients, colleagues and friends. Some people with bleeding disorders continue to live with the challenges of HIV; and we acknowledge the individuals who inspire us by their positive attitude, resilience and determination to build a better future.

Read the HFA 20 year anniversary newsletter for a gripping account of the Australian bleeding disorders community experience of the AIDS crisis:

HFA will have a representation at the AIDS 2014 Conference. We look forward to the opportunity to participate and join in the international partnership “to work towards the end of AIDS through prevention measures and comprehensive care and treatment for all”.

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