Careers Week 2023

15-21 May 2023 is Careers Week. Whether you're just starting to think about your career, ready for your first job, or looking to do something different, there's a lot to consider. And adding a bleeding disorder to the mix doesn't make things easier!

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Personal Stories

Don't let your bleeding disorder stop you – Dale's story: Dale has severe haemophilia A. He is currently an electrician but over the years has built boat canopies and biminis, and even worked as a glazier! Read Dale's Story

Choosing a career path – Paul's story: Paul has severe haemophilia B. He shares his story about becoming an apprentice Shipwright – disclosing his haemophilia and working with his employer to manage treatment. Read Paul's Story


Choosing a career path: Tim, David and Paul give their advice on choosing a career path. They speak about the importance of working with your HTC team and talking to experienced adults, like your parents, on developing your career – and that your body will tell you when it is too much.

Managing Work: Dale, David, Paul and Tim talk about their experiences of working with haemophilia – how they managed their bleeding disorder and what motivated them to choose particular careers and to overcome challenges. They give their tips for educating employers and workplaces and being prepared to help reduce the impact of your bleeding disorder at work.



Webinar: Choosing or changing your career path: In this webinar, Craig Eastwood from Jobs Victoria Career Counsellors Service and Haemophilia Nurse Penny McCarthy explore some of the steps and how a career counsellor can help.

Employment Section on Factored In: Are you starting a new job and unsure how your bleeding disorder will impact it? Read the careers section on Factored In to have all your questions answered.

Telling Work: This resource, specially written for women and girls with bleeding disorders, looks at the pros and cons of disclosing your bleeding disorder in your workplace – when are you required to disclose, why you might choose to tell your employer or others in your workplace, or not, and how to prepare. It includes personal stories and tips from women with bleeding disorders.


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