Celebrating Women’s Health Week

Women's Health Week starts today! To celebrate we're diving into a variety of topics from getting active to starting a relationship. This year's theme is Women's health. Powerful stuff. Help us make women's health a priority from 6-10 September. Join us on Facebook and Instagram to join in the conversation each day.

6 September 2021 – Move it Monday
For the first day of Women's Health Week we're talking about getting active and how you can get started with a new sport or exercise. 

"There is no one size fits all. I keep active and try new things to find what works for me. Having the freedom to take these challenges on has helped me into adulthood and developed my confidence in all areas of life."

How can I best participate? What types of sport or exercise should I do? How can I manage my periods? What about injuries? In our Sport and exercise for girls and young women fact sheet we provide you with the answers to all of these questions and more. Read about Sport and Exercise for Girls and Young Women.

7 September 2021 – Tricky Periods
It's a tricky subject – not least because each woman experiences it differently – but for this day we're diving into periods to discuss what's normal and what isn't.

We also discuss ways you can track your period and explore the entire menstrual cycle in the Female Factors – Women's Bleeding Explained resource. Read Womens Bleeding Explained.

8 September 2021 – Private Lives
Telling a new partner about your bleeding disorder or if you're carrying the gene can be difficult. When do you tell them? How do you approach it? What do you say?

"I've always been really open about my bleeding disorder. I explained it, and what it means for my life. It did kind of ruin the mood at the time however!"

In our fact sheet, Telling a New Partner, we explore all of these questions and more. Learn how to start the conversation and read quotes from other people on how they went about it. Read about Telling a New Partner.

9 September 2021 – Mind Matters
Coinciding with 'RUOK? Day', this day we're taking some time out to explore resilience and how we can bounce back and continue on with our lives – especially in light of how COVID-19 has impacted all of us.

"Resilience is not something available onto to a few. We are all capable of it and it is something we can build upon in preparation for the next challenge life throws at us."

Nicoletta Crollini, a Haemophilia Social Worker at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, shares with us her advice for how we can be more resilient. Read Resilience – Bouncing Back and Managing Life!

About Women's Health Week
In 2013, realising that there was no event dedicated to women's health in Australia, Jean Hailes for Women's Health ran the very first national Women's Health Week. Now a permanent feature on the Australian calendar, Women's Health Week takes please each year in the first week of September. Learn more about Jean Hailes and Women's Health Week.

Continue the Conversation at the Conference
At the 20th Australian Haemophilia, VWD and Bleeding Disorders Conference we'll have sessions dedicated to periods, sex, sexuality and intimacy. Running 8-9 October 2021, the conference will be held entirely online so you can join us from the convenience of your home or office. Learn more and register now!


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