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The National Blood Authority (NBA) announced today that they will include Extended Half-Life (EHL) factor VIII and factor IX products – treatments for haemophilia A and B – in the next national tender for clotting factors and related products. The tender is currently planned for 2019. 

The Jurisdictional Blood Committee (JBC) recently approved the inclusion of EHL recombinant factor VIII and EHL factor IX products in the national arrangements for funding and supply of blood products managed by the NBA. The JBC decision was supported by a Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) assessment of EHL recombinant factor VIII and factor IX products.

The NBA confirmed that the current arrangements for EHL clotting factor products will continue in the meantime. These arrangements provide temporary access to EHL products for approximately 200 haemophilia patients with high priority needs . Further information about these arrangements can be found at

For more information about this decision and the tender, see the news item on the NBA website –


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