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This is hepatitis

If you, your partner or family member have hep C and a bleeding disorder, you have an opportunity to tell the Australian government your story.

The Australian Government House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health is conducting an inquiry into hepatitis C in Australia


The Australian Government heard witnesses on hep C, including HFA, at the recent Public Inquiry Hearings.

Public Hearings for the Inquiry took place in January 2015. HFA had the opportunity to present evidence at the Melbourne Hearing on 21 January 2015 and Gavin Finkelstein, HFA President, told his personal story of living with hepatitis C. Thanks to anyone who has already completed the HFA hep C survey – it was very valuable for our evidence! You can read the transcripts of the Hearings at www.tinyurl.com/inquiryhearings .

The Inquiry is continuing to gather evidence and HFA will be making a written submission to the Inquiry on the issues for the bleeding disorders community.

If you would like to contribute to the HFA submission, it is not too late – there is still time to complete the HFA Hep C survey!

The survey is for Australian with hep C and a bleeding disorder, or partners/family members. Help us to tell the Australian Government what impact hepatitis C has on you and your life – and what strategies would help to improve your situation. 


We need your help with real life examples for the HFA submission.
Please take 5 mins to complete the HFA hep C member survey and tell your story.


The survey deadline has been extended to Wednesday 18 February 2015.

The Inquiry is looking at particular issues, including:

  • How common hepatitis C is in Australia
  • The costs associated with treating the short term and long term impacts of hepatitis C
  • Methods to improve prevention of new hepatitis C infections

And methods to reduce the stigma with a positive diagnosis through: 

  • The public health system
  • Public health awareness and prevention campaigns 
  • Non-government organisation health awareness and prevention programs.

You may also wish to make your own submission as an individual.
The deadline for submissions is Friday 27 February 2015.
For more information, go to www.aph.gov.au/hepatitisC

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