MSAC application for Hemlibra

HFA has been asked about progress of the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) consideration for government funding for emicizumab (Hemlibra®). This is a new non-clotting factor product registered for prophylaxis treatment for people with moderate to severe factor VIII deficiency with or without inhibitors.

MSAC previously considered emicizumab under MSAC application 1510. Further consideration is now underway under a different MSAC application (1579, which specifically addresses emicizumab for non-inhibitor patients).

HFA has been invited for stakeholder input on MSAC application 1579 by 30 May 2019, which we will do, using feedback provided by our members.

Individuals may also provide feedback and comments directly to MSAC during the MSAC process – click here for more information. MSAC advises that your input should be via a maximum of two A4 pages to . Make sure that you type the application number 1579 at the start of your comments and in the subject heading of your email.

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