New haemophilia clinical management guidelines

Haemophilia management guidelines

The Guidelines for the management of haemophilia in Australia have now been released.

These new Guidelines are a first for Australia, with multidisciplinary advice on care and management of people with haemophilia that is relevant to an Australian setting.

They offer practical advice for healthcare providers on:

  • The diagnosis and general management of haemophilia
  • The management of complications such as musculoskeletal issues, inhibitors and bloodborne viruses such as hepatitis C and HIV, that may have been acquired from blood products before 1993
  • Special management issues such as females who carry the gene and ageing. 

They also give the framework for managing bleeding disorders in Australia, with an overview of comprehensive care.

The Guidelines were developed by the Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation (AHCDO), in collaboration with the National Blood Authority (NBA). They were based on the World Federation of Hemophilia’s Guidelines for the management of haemophilia (2nd edition) and adapted for the Australian setting, taking into account review comments from clinical experts and public consultation.

Click here for more information or to download the Guidelines

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