New hep C treatment

Why miss out on a hep C cure?

A new hepatitis C treatment, Maviret®, was added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme on 1 August 2018.

This is another important step in the Australian government commitment to eliminating hepatitis C by 2030.

The treatment course for Maviret® is 3 tablets once a day for 8 weeks and is suitable for all genotypes, including people with cirrhosis. It is a valuable additional treatment option for the small number of people who were not cured with their first round of DAA treatment. 

The new treatments for hepatitis C are quick, easy and have a very high cure rate. They have few, if any, side-effects. 

People with bleeding disorders and hepatitis C are now encouraged to talk to their Haemophilia Treatment Centre or GP to see what see what arrangements can be made to have their hep C tests and treatments locally. The GP fact sheet on bleeding disorders and hep C  has been developed by the Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation and HFA to support this.

HFA marked World Hepatitis Day on 28 July with a renewed effort to reach the people with bleeding disorders and hepatitis C who have not yet taken up treatment – or perhaps don’t even know they have hep C.

Join us in spreading the message!  Visit the HFA World Hepatitis Day page for more information

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