New resource – Telling others

Telling others about bleeding disorders coverHow do you tell a new partner about your bleeding disorder? Or your daughter that she may have a bleeding disorder or carry the gene? When are you required to tell someone about your bleeding disorder?
Telling others about bleeding disorders: information for women, girls and their parents is the latest resource in HFA’s The Female Factors project.
Telling others includes:
  • The pros and cons of telling others
  • The range of situations where you might disclose
  • Talking to your daughter about her bleeding disorder
  • How to prepare to disclose
  • When you are required to disclose
  • Personal stories and tips from other Australian women and parents.
HFA has also developed information about disclosure and the law for people with bleeding disorders in consultation with legal experts. Visit the DISCLOSURE pages in the ABOUT BLEEDING DISORDERS section to read more.
Thanks to the many people who contributed to the development of Telling Others: Marg Sutherland, health educator, who wrote it; the women, parents, health professionals and legal experts who reviewed it; and the women and parents who very generously shared their experiences and tips in personal stories and quotes.

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